Weight Loss That Lasts!

I Help Busy Women of West London To Torch Stubborn Body Fat Without Restrictive Diets or Spending Their Life in The Gym

Discover the Step by Step System my Clients Are Using to Help Them Lose as Much as 29lbs in Just 84 Days

Are You Frustrated & Fed Up With How You Look & Feel?

  • Fed up with diet plans that allow you nothing but lean protein and vegetables only to see your weight return and leave you back at square one as soon as you begin to eat normally again?
  • Tired of ruining your evenings because you're so hungry and irritable that all you can do is think about food until it's time to go to bed?
  • Are you sick to the back teeth of Instagram celebrities who seem to make their weight loss look so easy?
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    Do you need an exercise programme that challenges you and actually gets results, but doesn't require daily trips to the gym, take time away from family and friends, or leaves your joints feeling battered and brusied?
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    Are you desperate for a tried and tested formula that shows you how to get long-term results so you can stop starting over and spending extra money every few months?
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    Would you like a way to resolve ALL of these issues without you having to give up alcohol or your social life?

Then Welcome to Mission Lean!

It's Not Your Fault

Does it feel like you've spent your entire life trying to get in shape?

The constant battle to lose weight and keep it off is both tiring and frustrating, right?

You are not alone.

There is so much conflicting information around today that it's not easy to know the best method to get the results you want. 

The reason you find it so hard is because the fitness industry is lying to you!

Yep, I know that's a big statement to make but it's true.

You see, they don't actually want you to lose weight. Not for the long term anyway.

They want you to yo-yo diet forever so you keep buying their fat loss pills, diet drinks, food replacement shakes and tasteless, bland, low-calorie meals.

They want you to put the weight back on so you repeat the process over and over.

They want a customer for life.

Think about it...

How Many Diets Have You Tried?

Weight Watchers? Low-Carb? Dukan Diet? Atkins? Paleo? Soup Diet? South Beach Diet? Juice Cleanse?

Any of these? All of the above?

It's the same outcome every time, isn't it? You end up wasting more money on a plan that brings you zero results.

Let me guess. It always starts out well. You're going great guns but then something happens...

Something which triggers a poor food choice.

A bad day at work, kids stressing you out, an argument with your partner, the commute home taking longer than normal.

This leads to a blow out on junk food, a takeaway, or a few too many drinks.

Then what's next? You tell yourself you're a failure. That you can’t stick to anything so what is the point in even trying!

You go back to eating normally, putting back on any weight you've lost, and you’re right back at square one!

It it the same with your exercise regime?

You're enthusiastic for a few weeks but then life gets in the way. Your routine seems to be stop-start all year round.

Or are you someone who is forking out for a gym memberships despite not having been for months on end?

Maybe you manage to get the odd session or class in from time to time but you're just going through the motions. The scales aren't moving and you're not seeing any changes with your body.

You can't see a way out. You wonder how everyone else seems to make this look so effortless!

It's all too easy to become confused and fed up and if you have no place to turn for support or advice that's when you lose motivation and sight of your goals.

I want to change all of this for you.

I want to break the cycle so you never have to 'diet' again for the rest of your life.

Why I Love That You're Sick & Tired of Your Situation

Yes, I’m being totally serious! And I'm glad you have carried on reading to this point.

Why does this make me happy?

Because you are the type of person I know I can help. You are the type of client I love to work with.

If you have read this far it's because you have tried to turn things around in the past, or have decided that now is the time you want to make a change. 

Most people just talk about losing weight and getting leaner. But that's all they do - talk!

You want to do something about it. That deserves huge congratulations!

My coaching is for women just like you. Those who take action and are willing to take on new ideas to finally get the body they deserve.

I'll Let You in On A Secret.....

The weight loss you desire is not that hard to achieve!

But the fitness and diet industry will have you believe otherwise. They want you to think it's so difficult that you need to rely on their overpriced and ineffective products forever in order to achieve long lasting results.   

Really though, it just comes down to the 3 simple principles that my clients are using to torch stubborn belly fat and lose inches from their waistlines.

What I'm about to reveal to you right now won't be seen in any fitness magazines or Instagram pages so please pay attention to the next few paragraphs. It will help you lose weight quickly and easily and keep it off forever.

1.  The Only Way to Guarantee Fat Loss

There is only 1 scientifically proven way to melt fat -  by creating a calorie deficit.

A deficit occurs when you burn more calories than you consume.

To achieve this you need to know your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Your TDEE is the total number of calories you burn each day through any physical movement such as walking, breathing, fidgeting, sleeping, eating and digesting food, or any type of exercise. 

If the amount of calories you consume is less than your TDEE you will burn fat - it's a simple as that.

It takes a deficit of roughly 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of body fat so you need a daily deficit of 500 calories to lose a pound a week. (500 x 7 = 3500). Add in some exercise and you'll be torching 1-2 lbs a week. 

That's it! No detox drinks, meal replacement shakes, skinny teas, crazy diets, or fat burning pills required.

2. You Should Be Eating 'Junk' Food

You do not have to starve, remove any single food type from your plate, or give up your favourite dishes in order to get in shape. In fact, in order to maintain weight loss long term, you need to incorporate the foods you love as part of your diet.

Adherence to a diet (how well you can stick to it) is much more important than the type of diet. And stats show that your chances of success are much greater if you are able to include the foods you enjoy. There is no such thing as a bad food, only bad portion sizes.

Some discipline is required but if your current plan means you spend your evenings trying to ignore a growling stomach while counting down the hours until bedtime then it's doomed for failure.

A good diet requires all of the macronutrients - carbs, fats, and proteins. Get this balance right, and within your calorie allowance, and you can have the burgers, chips, pizza, curry, chocolate, and biscuits you love so much while still getting the weight loss you desire.

If you never feel like you're missing out, it will never feel like a diet.

3. You Don't Need to Exercise That Much

I will preface this by saying the health benefits of physical activity are many and I always encourage people to participate in a regular exercise routine for their health and vitality.

But, what many other personal trainers or coaches WON'T tell you is that exercise is not really that effective with regards to weight loss. That's right! You can lose a lot of weight without ever pulling on a pair of trainers.

What exercise will do is speed up the process for you. And you'll look and feel so much better for it.

With that said, please don't think for 1 minute that you need to be in the gym every other day or slogging out a 5km run before you head to work. You do not need to join the latest high-intensity class that everyone is banging on about and don't worry if the thought of CrossFit scares the life out of you. (It scares me!)

A few hours of activity a week is all that's needed to boost your results. This can be done in the comfort of your front room if you prefer.

The best workout is the one you can stick to so build your exercise plan to fit your home and work schedule, not the other way around.

You're Already Ahead with Those 3 Tips

Do you want more?

I pride myself on a 100% success rate with my clients. This happens because Mission Lean is built around YOU and YOUR individual demands and schedule. 

I do not give you an exercise and nutrition plan and tell you to get on with it. I will amend your programme in line with your lifestyle changes when required.

The aim of Mission Lean is to free you from the painful and boring cycle of boom and bust dieting.

Why My Clients Love Mission Lean

No Silly Fads Diets or Ever Feeling Hungry

 A nutrition plan that doesn't ask you to give up your favourite foods. You won't have to spend extra money on fancy ingredients or make separate meals to the rest of your family. You'll enjoy real, tasty food for every meal. Wine and chocolate included!

Awesome Results Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

An exercise programme designed to get you the best results possible in minimum time. You'll be torching fat and adding lean muscle without boring cardio. The workouts are highly effective but efficient leaving you more free time to spend with your friends and family.

Super Support to Guarantee Your Success

You will have direct access to me via Whatsapp, Facebook, text, or email around the clock. Our weekly check-ins will ensure your progress and assess any issues you have. My accountability and support will guarantee you fantastic results, no matter how many times you've failed before.

Why I Would Love to Work With You

Let me introduce myself properly. I'm John, an ex-banker turned fitness professional, and here are a few things I'd like you to know.
I'm not your typical personal trainer or coach. My methods are a little bit different. I am not a doctor, I don’t have a degree in sports science, and I’m not a qualified dietitian either. I've never been ripped with bulging biceps or 6 pack abs and you'll never see me on social media with my top off eating a boring salad from tupperware. I don't spend every day in the gym, avoid alocohol, or eat like a rabbit to stay in shape. I believe there is more to life. But I do want to help the many women out there who struggle with weight loss and the frustration of yo-yo dieting. My programmes will get you amazing, sustainable results without giving up too much of your time. You'll learn how to eat the foods you love while losing the fat you don't!

I'm A Regular Guy Who Struggled in The Past to Maintain A Healthy Weight

I have tried every programme you can imagine and been through countless cycles of 'the diet starts again on Monday’. I've struggled with self-confidence and convinced myself I couldn't lose weight, that somehow my body was different.avoided looking in the mirror in my underwear and turned down numerous social invitations because of how I saw myself. My job in the city involved long hours, nights out, boozy lunches, and eating on the go. It took its toll. My face got fatter and my clothes got tighter. I felt gross. It was uncomfortable sitting down and I was tired and irritable all the time. Little did I know, there was a rude awakening coming my way.

My Girlfriend Called Me A Fat, Lazy Slob!

After another long boozy lunch, I counted down the last few minutes of work before heading straight back to the pub to wait for my girlfriend. "You look like a slob, a fat slob" she blurted outOuch! This was the middle of the city, at peak time, on a hot summer's evening. There were people EVERYWHERE. "Look at your belly hanging out of your shirt, it's gross!". My face went as red as my socks (don't judge, it's part of the investment banker uniform!) I got home and feel asleep. I was a 30-year-old man with zero energy. When most people were out having a good time on a Friday night, I was crashed out on the sofa by 9 pm. When I woke the following morning her words were still running around in my head. After putting it off for so long I knew it was time to weigh myself.

It wasn't pretty. I had put on 3 stone in just under a year! The poor diet, boozing, and vending machine visits had caught up with me. I didn't recognise myself any more. It was a depressing time for me and I knew I had to make a change. That change is why I am here today.

I Built Mission Lean for Real Women Like You

I'm certain I can help you because I've been where you are and I know what it takes to get through it. I will show you how to get off the diet train for good and become happier, healthier, and more confident. I spent years perfecting Mission Lean so I could incorporate it into a busy lifestyle that involves long working hours, stressful commutes, and home life. You can benefit from my months of trial and error and shortcut your way to success. I will show you how to lose weight, tone up, and shift stubborn belly fat in a matter of weeks! Mission Lean is not just a diet and exercise plan. You will achieve much more than just weight loss. It is a lifestyle programme for your body and mind that will give you permanent results. I promise it will change your life forever.

You'll Get Amazing Results Without Ever Feeling Like You're on a Diet

Your results are all that matter to me and the best way to ensure that is to keep things simple.

I’m not going to ask you to count every calorie that passes your lips.

I’m not going to tell you to stop eating carbs after 6 pm or to avoid gluten.

I’m not going to say you need to hit the gym 5 time a week. In fact, I’m not even going to say you need a gym membership at all!

I won’t be asking you to take any supplements, detox drinks, or expensive juice cleanses.

And I’m not going to ask that you give up your favourite foods like chocolate, bread, pizza, or even alcohol.

What I will do is get you results, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything and want to give up. I promise this page will transform the way you think about weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating forever.

I Want to Lose Clients

Yes, that's right. It may sound crazy but my ideal outcome with every client is for them to tell me.....

''John, I don't need you anymore''

My goal is to empower my clients so they can eventually go it alone.

I want to help you get the weight loss you’ve been dreaming of and a newfound confidence in your body, but I want you to be able to maintain that success without my help.

For some, my 90 day programme will be all you'll need. For others, it may take a little longer. I don't care how long we work together for, I just care you get the results you want and are able to continue without my help.

To me, that is the perfect scenario and I will have done my job.

I’d love to help you get to that stage.

If you’re ready for that, the button below is where you need to go.

Losing Weight Just Got A Lot Easier

My coaching has been designed with people like you in mind - real women with busy lives.

It's for those who are confused or overwhelmed about where to start. It's for people who have tried and failed in the past to lose weight. It's for anyone who knows what it takes but finds it hard to see anything through until the end. And for those who just need some accountability and help to stay motivated.

There are thousands of books, magazines, and websites that could all provide you with a training programme and diet plan.

But going it alone is hard and will only get you so far. Maybe it’s time to ask for help?

This programme will help you lose weight effectively, get lean, and boost your energy levels and confidence in the process.

This will happen without drastically changing your current routine. Building new habits and making small tweaks to your lifestyle will allow you to lose weight every week without starving or killing yourself with ridiculous workouts.

What My Clients Have to Say

''I'm Exercising Less and Getting Better Results''

''A year ago I decided to focus on my health and well-being. I had become sluggish and overweight and I wasn’t happy with myself. I’ve always attended the gym but with mixed results. I needed help so got in contact with John. He assessed my eating habits and made some suggestions that now stop me from snacking on convenience and fast foods.
I now exercise 3 times a week, which is less than I was doing before. I have cut the cardio right down and use more weights. The difference has been amazing! I can now see a real shape to my body and muscle definition.
Over the course of a year, I have lost over 3 stone and I am very happy with my results. I can’t recommend John enough!''

Liz Robinson, 36

''I've Tried Every Diet Going but This Just Felt Easier''

I'm a mum of two who’d returned to work with little time or energy to exercise or diet. I lost over a stone in just 8 weeks! If I can do it anyone can. I didn’t live off rabbit food. I didn’t weigh myself every day or obsess about calories. I just followed my plan and made it work around my work and home life. My family ate what I ate and it felt good showing our kids how they can be healthy too. I was encouraged to make my own goals and supported to achieve them. I have genuinely never been so motivated or energetic about a weight loss or exercise programme and I’ve tried every diet going. This was just easier. I put my success down to John. I felt like he was reading my mind. He knew exactly how I was feeling and when I needed it, he’d pull something else out of the bag to motivate, guide and support me.  He wasn’t unrealistic, he understands that life gets in the way and he never makes you feel bad. He even got me planking, he must be good!

Serena O'Sullivan, 39

Why Mission Lean Is So Effective and Can Work for Anyone

After years of trial and error, I have developed a 5-Step System to deliver incredible results that can be built around even the busiest of schedules. You get what you need when you want it. My magic formula is called:

The Mission Lean Method!

Step 1. Time Audit & Plan of Action

We'll get on a call to hone in on your biggest struggles and structure your programme for the upcoming weeks. We'll target some big and easy wins for you to action straight away so you can start making changes and seeing results right from the off. We'll discuss whatever you feel is holding you back from your goals and look into the WHY so we can prevent it from happening in the future. This coaching call alone is valued at £99 and will be a complete game changer for you!

Step 2. A 'No Diet' Approach to Nutrition

Nobody wants to eat tuna and salad each day. Your plan allows you to have great tasting food for EVERY meal. You won't have to eat anything you don’t like and you'll still be able to enjoy your favourite foods. A little discipline is required but you'll be having banging breakfasts, lip-smacking lunches, and delicious dinners! There is no ridiculous traffic light system to follow, you won't have to cut out carbs, or eat separate meals from the rest of the family. You won't ever feel hungry or irritable with Mission Lean.

Step 3. Training Tailored to Your Needs

I will meet you where you're at with your fitness and build a programme around your ability and timetable. You choose - The gym plan where only 2/3 workouts a week are needed to get amazing results. A bodyweight plan to follow at home so you don't have to spend extra money on weights. Or a routine with dumbbells or kettlebell for maximum calorie burn in minimum time. Whichever it is, you'll be torching stubborn body fat from day 1. All of the sessions are under an hour so you can fit them into your busy schedule.

Step 4. First Class Support to Guarantee Results

This is where the real value of my coaching lies. I offer as much support and encouragement as you need. We will check-in at least once a week to measure your progress and see how you're feeling on the programme. I'll be on hand EVERY day to help you focus and keep your goals in mind on those days you are struggling to stay on track. There are not many coaches who will offer you this level of support and accountability. 

Step 5. Lifetime Membership for Ongoing Success

The most difficult thing with weight loss is maintaining the results over time. With Mission Lean, you get lifetime access to a private Facebook group with other like-minded women who have the same goals. The support and encouragement from these fellow members are invaluable. Mission Lean is about one thing - helping real women to lose weight and stay in shape for good. This group will increase your chances ten-fold!

Cut to The Chase John - How Much Does It Cost?

You may have just scrolled straight to here to check the price.

Or maybe you have a rough idea already.

Many of you will know that most personal trainers charge between £40 and £80 for just one session!

And they’ll probably try to flog you some ‘fat burner pills’ while they’re at it.

The average online coach is around £150-£199 per month.

A personalised diet plan and exercise programme will probably cost you in the region of £75-100.

I want to help as many people as possible with my coaching so I have made it accessible and affordable to everyone.

I didn't want it to be something you had to 'save up for a few weeks' before you could get your hands on it.

That’s why right now, my flagship Mission Lean programme is priced at just £149/month

That's Less Than £4.96 a Day

Why this much?

To me, it represents a fair investment.

My programme will get you lean and keep you that way long after we have finished working together. I promise you this will be the last ever programme you ever need to buy!

If £4.96 over the next 90 days is too expensive for you to get the body you've always dreamed of, then I'm not the person to help you out. You should probably carry on with whichever fad diet you were doing before.

But if you value your health, your body, and you are ready to take action to achieve the weight loss you desire, you’re definitely in the right place.

You won’t need to spend another penny on a weight loss book, a fitness DVD, or coaching programme ever again. You could even cancel your unused gym membership!

Who needs pushy trainers barking orders and telling you to drink kale smoothies anyway?!

For £4.96 A Day You Too Can Have Access to The Method That Is Helping My Clients Lose an Average of 29lbs In Just 84 Days

Mission Lean is not a quick fix. It's a coaching programme created for busy women who want and deserve something better for themselves.

For just £149 a month you get all of the good stuff I mentioned above:

  • Consultation call with a plan of action outlined
  • Personalised workout programme
  • Bespoke nutrition plan 
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Access to me via email
  • Daily accountability in the Facebook group
  • Welcome pack and guides on meal prep & eating-on-the-go, 

Even after you have completed your programme you will have still access to the Facebook group. And you get to keep the workout and nutrition plans so you continue to see results long term. It's harder to NOT be successful.

Want to Supercharge Your Results? Mission Lean VIP Will Make Your Life Easier and Help Get Back Much of Your Valuable Free Time

I realise many of you are too busy to prep and plan your own meals. Trying to juggle your career, the school run, rush hour commutes, family, and social commitments means you are constantly on the go.

There are never enough hours in the day so how can you put yourself first? It's a real struggle to find any spare time.

So I have created a programme that will do exactly that! 

Mission Lean VIP takes all of the hard work out of the equation for you.

With Mission Lean VIP you will receive 10 super tasty and nutritious meals delivered right to your door each week. Yes that's right, you can kiss goodbye to shopping, prepping, and cooking your food. Just imagine what you could do with all of those priceless hours back in your life!

My clients who have got the best results are the ones who have had to do the least amount of work. If you want to make things as easy as possible and increase your chances of success then Mission Lean VIP may be just the thing for you. 

You get 5 lunches and 5 dinners (more on request)

  • Perfectly balanced to your match your exact calorie needs
  • Designed to keep you feeling full and GUARANTEE your weight loss each week
  • A choice of 25 mouthwatering dishes from around the world (vegan options available)
  • Packed full of micronutrients to boost your long-term health and vitality 
  • Made using only fresh ingredients and delivered chilled to your door (never frozen)

If you're not in the delivery driver will leave your box in a designated safe place or with a friendly neighbour. Just pop in the oven or microwave and you're good to go! Healthy eating has never been easier.

You'll enjoy great tasting cuisine every day while burning fat and getting hours of your free time back.

Here's a little look at the meals you'll be getting. They're so delicious you won't believe they're good for you!

That's not all!

You work hard and lead a busy life so how about a touch of luxury?

With Mission Lean VIP you also receive a monthly beauty voucher to spend how you please.

Fancy a massage to help soothe your muscles and boost your energy levels?
A facial to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated?
Maybe a body wrap to soften and tighten your skin?
Or a pedicure to put a spring back in your step?

I will contact a health club or spa that is local to you for convenience. Your voucher will be delivered straight to your inbox each month. All you have to do is decide how you are going to treat yourself!

You'll be looking great and feeling even better with this incredible package.

As an added bonus to VIP members, I also provide you with my phone number for instant access. You can call or text me with any questions you may have. I only give my number out to VIP members. 

Need some help deciding? 

I've Broken Down Each Plan for You Right Here

mission 'eat n' lean'
(nutrition only)

An individually tailored nutrition plan to suit your goals and lifestyle. You'll get in fantastic shape and learn how to stay that way long-term. This plan is perfect if your training is good but your diet is letting you down.




  • Tailored Diet Plan
  • Coaching & Accountabilty
  • Weekly Check-In
  • Access via Email & Messenger
  • Check
    'Lean For Life' Education
  • Check
    Private Mission Lean FB Group

mission lean vip
(all of the goodies!)

The same incredible results as ML with all of the legwork taken out. Get 10 delicious bespoke meals delivered to your door each week. PLUS a monthly beauty voucher for a touch of luxury. This plan will free up some precious free time and relieve stress.




  • Tailored Diet Plan
  • Customised Exercise Plan
  • Coaching & Accountability
  • Weekly Check-In
  • Check
    Access via Email & Messenger
  • Weekly Phone or Skype Call
  • 'Lean For Life' Education
  • Check
    Private Mission Lean FB Group
  • Check
    10 Meals Delivered Weekly
  • Check
    Monthly Beauty Voucher

You Can Ditch the Scales Forever

You get to keep the nutrition plans, workout programmes, and shopping & habit guides forever. You can come back to them whenever you need and just rinse and repeat. You won't need another weight loss or exercise programme for as long as you live.

I’d like you to think about something.

What are the consequences of you not investing in your health & fitness?

If you are not happy with the body you have right now will you still be stuck in the same place in another 6 months’ time?

I would guess the answer is Yes.

Maybe it’s time to accept what you have been doing doesn’t work for you.

So why not give this a go?

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have read this far you probably do. That’s normal. Actually, it’s great – it shows you really care about getting results.

To save you some time let me answer the most common queries below:

Q) Is this an online program?
Once you sign up, you’ll fill in a form that tells me a little bit about you and your goals, what your day-to-day schedule looks like, your food preferences and your previous struggles.
I’ll use this to create your bespoke plan and send it to you via email along with your guides. You’ll also have instant access to me via email, text, Whatsapp or Facebook.
You can contact me as much or as little as you like. I will do my utmost to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Q) Do I need to be fit to do this?
No. Online personal training is just that - personal.
It does not matter how fit you are or how much experience you have with exercise or training. I will meet you where you are at.
The workouts are not super intense or time demanding. We will progress safely at a pace you are comfortable with.

Q) Do I need to be free for the full duration of the programme to get results?
No. As a busy person, you will have commitments. Work, travel, family, social occasions, weekends away or maybe even longer holidays.
The training & nutrition plans are built around your lifestyle. My aim is for you to adopt these methods indefinitely so you never need another weight loss programme ever again. 
My coaching is not dependant on your physical location so please do not let your travel plans deter you from taking part.

Q) Why should I invest in you? Can I not do this myself at the gym? Can I just use workouts and diets from a magazine?
You could try to go it alone.
And it might work. If it does, that’s great. I’m happy for you.
But did you know that fewer than 20% of people with gym memberships use it more than once a week?
And most who do go end up following terrible plans or making up their workouts on the spot.
As for books and magazines?
Again, they can work, but they’re not in any way personalised, so what you’re following could well be the completely wrong plan for you.

Q) What makes your coaching different to the other diets and programmes I have tried in the past?
I’d say it’s the coaching, accountability, and support.
I am available to you every day if you need me. I will respond to you within hours if not minutes with any questions you may have. We will have a weekly check-in for your weight and/or measurements, to check your progress, and to assess if we need to make any changes. 
Everything is made as easy as possible for you and all the ingredients are there for you to succeed. In fact, it’s nigh on impossible for you to fail!

Q) Is this programme just for women?
No, this programme can work for anyone.
That said, the people who tend to get the best results with me are women between 25 and 50, who have hectic lives and busy schedules, working many hours with long commutes, or who are full-time mums.

Q) How much is it?
Mission Eat N' Lean (my nutrition only plan) is £119 a month
The price for Mission Lean is £149 a month.
Mission Lean VIP is £699 a month (10 weekly meals, more on request)

Q) Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes. While I advise clients to stick with it for at least 3 months you can cancel after the 1st month if you feel it is not for you.

Q) Is it just for people in the UK?
Not at all. It’s for anyone, anywhere across the globe.

Q) How is the program delivered?
I’ll send your training programme, nutrition guidelines, welcome pack, and starter guides to you via email. Then all other communication will be done via your method of choice - Facebook, email, text, Whatsapp etc

Q) How soon can I start?
As soon as you like. Once you've filled in the application form I will start to build your programme. I'll get back to you within 48 hours. If you wish to book a call to go through anything, then we'll do that first.

Q) I have an injury/allergies/intolerances/dietary requirements.
That’s cool.
Because I never tell you specific foods that you have to eat, the whole plan is very flexible, and you can adjust it to suit your own needs.
So, you can eat dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan - whatever you need to.
Same with the training. I’m not going to make you do anything, and we can tailor it to what you enjoy, and are able to do.

Q) I’m nervous about starting.
I totally understand. If you weren’t a little nervous it wouldn’t be normal.
All I’ll say is that this is a programme for real women living normal lives. It is not for the jumped-up fitness elite or those with huge egos. I'm an easy going coach who is there to encourage you, not criticise you. I like to work with people I feel I could have a beer or diet coke with.
As for the nutrition side of things, while some moderation will be required, you will never have to starve or be forced to eat anything you don’t like.
The same goes for the training. I will provide an exercise programme that best suits your schedule and lifestyle. Hate the gym? No problem, I will provide you with a home workout routine.

Q) I have some other questions, how can I contact you?
Drop a line to john@johnferryfitness.com

Q) I’m in. Where can I go to start?
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100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe Mission Lean will transform your life more than you ever thought possible. I'm so sure of this I will offer you a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your results after the 1st month simply email me for a refund (*not applicable to Mission Lean VIP)

You Will Never Need Another Weight Loss Programme Ever Again!

My Mission Lean programme will help you lose weight, boost your energy levels, and increase your confidence. You'll look amazing and feel sexy without spending your whole life in the gym or stressing about what to eat. You'll begin to see results in a matter of weeks if not days!

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