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I Help Busy Women of West London to Look and Feel Amazing Without Tiring Cardio or Boring Salads

If You Want to Get Back in Shape Without Ever Feeling Hungry or Spending All of Your Precious Spare Time In The Gym You're In The Right Place. Get Started Today!

No Silly Fads Diets or Ever Feeling Hungry

 A nutrition plan that doesn't ask you to give up your favourite foods. You won't have to spend extra money on fancy ingredients or make separate meals to the rest of your family. You'll enjoy real, tasty food for every meal. Wine and chocolate included!

Awesome Results Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

An exercise programme designed to get you the best results possible in minimum time. You'll be torching fat and adding lean muscle without boring cardio. The workouts are highly effective but efficient leaving you more free time to spend with your friends and family.

Super Support to Guarantee Your Success

You will have direct access to me via Whatsapp, Facebook, text, or email around the clock. Our weekly check-ins will ensure your progress and assess any issues. My accountability and support will guarantee fantastic results, no matter how many times you've failed before.

Are You Sick & Tired of Going Round In Circles with Diet Plans That Never Deliver Lasting Results?

  • My programmes are designed specifically for mums and busy women who are frustrated and fed up with how they look and feel.

    I will show you the 3 principles to help you lose weight effectively, learn how to keep it off long term, and boost your energy levels and confidence in the process. 

Achievable Exercise Routines

Nobody wants to spend their life in the gym. Your programme will consist of efficient workouts to get you maximum results in minimum time. And you will never have to suffer any long, boring, cardio sessions. You will look forward to working out, I promise!

Non-Restrictive Diet Advice

Diet advice that doesn't ask you give up your favourite foods. You won't have to spend money on fancy ingredients, count calories, or make separate meals to the rest of your family. You'll enjoy real, tasty food for every meal. Shopping for the correct foods will become second nature. And yes, you can still have a few drinks every now and then!

Super Suppport & Accountability

We will set goals, build new habits, assess any limiting beliefs you may have, and  I will keep you accountable every step of the way. You will have my full support outside of the gym as well as in.

What My Clients Have To Say

“I'm Exercising Less and Getting Better Results”

A year ago I decided to focus on my health and well-being. I had become sluggish and overweight and I wasn’t happy with myself. I’ve always attended the gym but with mixed results and I needed help with my diet. 
John offered to help me out. First we assessed my eating habits. He designed a meal plan, told me what foods to cut down on, and the best snack options. 

To this day I still prepare most of my meals in advance so I don’t find myself snacking on convenience/fast foods.
I now exercise 3 times a week, which is less than I was doing before. I have cut the cardio right down and use more weights.
The difference is amazing! I can now see shape to my body and muscle definition. Over the course of a year I have lost over 3 stone and I am very happy with my results, I can’t recommend John enough!

Elizabeth Robinson, 38

“I've Tried Every Diet Going, This Just Felt Easier”

I'm a mum of two who’d returned to work with little time or energy to exercise or diet. I lost over a stone in just 8 weeks!
If I can do it anyone can. I didn’t live off rabbit food. I didn’t weigh myself every day or obsess about calories. I just followed my plan and made it work around my work and home life.
My family ate what I ate and it felt good showing our kids how to be healthy too. I was encouraged to make my own goals and supported to achieve them. I have genuinely never been so motivated or energetic about a weight loss or exercise programme and I’ve tried every diet going. This was just easier.
I put my success down to John. I felt like he was reading my mind. He knew exactly how I was feeling and when I needed it, he’d pull something else out of the bag to motivate, guide and support me.  
He wasn’t unrealistic, he understands that life gets in the way and he never makes you feel bad. He even got me planking, he must be good!

Serena o'sullivan, 39