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Frustrated At Your Lack Of Progress In The Gym And Having To Start Over All The Time?

Book your free trial session and I will show you how to get the results you want

Kickstart Your Weight Loss

Most trainers will offer you a consultation in order to pitch their product. Their sole objective is to make a sale. My offer is different. I want to help kickstart your weight loss with a free personal training session. Let’s take the first step together and then we can plan the next move.

Losing weight is not easy. It takes some hard work and consistency with your nutrition and lifestyle. The reason most people fail is because they have no plan to follow. After years of trying out various diets and exercise programmes I have developed a system that works so you can stop starting over and finally get the body you want.

I want to share with you the methods that have worked for me. I will provide you with some simple guidelines you can implement right away that will help you lose weight, add muscle, and increase your energy and confidence in the process. 

Once we have established your goals we'll take the first step in getting you there with a free 60 minute personal training session at my private studio in west London. The workout will be designed to help you build muscle and lose weight effectively. 

Why I Want To Work With You

I help busy, overworked men, to look and feel good with effective, time efficient workouts - allowing them more time with their families and to do the things they love

"Hi, I'm John and I am here to help busy Londoner's like you look and feel good about themselves again. I've been where you are and I know how you feel. After working 16 years in the city I know how the pace of London life can affect your heath, fitness, and even family life. The long hours, boozy lunches, eating on the go, and midweek nights out all take their toll."

"Back in 2005 I was 3 stone overweight. It was a depressing time for me and I had to make a change. Which brings me to where I am today. I know exactly what it takes to get you the results you are looking for as I've been through it all myself. I know what works and what doesn't. I have made all the diet and exercise mistakes imaginable which means you don't have to." 

"I know you don't want to spend every evening in the gym or count every calorie that passes your lips. I do not believe in fad diets or restrictive meal plans but in teaching you to eat real, nutritious foods, that are tasty and optimal for weight loss. Combined with an achievable exercise programme my coaching will help you drop inches from your waistline and have you feeling great again without giving up your social life."

The First Step

Going it alone is hard. If you're a busy man who has been struggling to get results then maybe it's time to ask for help.

​The first step is to get you in the gym where you can test drive my personal training for free. I'll take you through a 60 minute trial session and give you an effective workout I know you'll enjoy. If you feel it's not for you, there is no obligation to continue. 

If you do decide to commit we will then further discuss your goals and come up with a plan that best suits your budget and lifestyle. There will be no hard sell or pressure to buy. I'm a trainer who understands what you're going through and would like to help you in the best way I can.

A Plan That Works

​You should enjoy working out so you stick with it long term. To get the most out of our time together I will make it as fun and uncomplicated as possible. If you work with me you will benefit from :


Gyms can be intimidating places at times. I operate from a private studio with a relaxed atmosphere and zero distractions. This will enable you to get the most out of your sessions. And if you prefer a bit of mayhem we can crank the music right up!


You lead a busy life and don't want to spend hours in the gym. My programmes are built around time efficient workouts so you'll spend less time training and more doing the things you love. You will learn to train smarter not harder. You'll actually lose more weight by doing less exercise!  


You won't be asked to follow a crazy diet or boring meal plan. My advice will remove any confusion while allowing you to eat the foods you love. You will learn the nutrition principles that will optimise your weight loss and help to build muscle fast. You won't need to cut out carbs or live off tuna and salad!


I am not just with you for the hour we spend working out. Your time outside of the gym is just as important in getting you long lasting results so you will have my full support along the way. I will be available to you around the clock to help with any setbacks that may occur or limiting beliefs you may have. My experience and coaching will get you to where you want to be.

Getting Started

I'll be honest with you, personal training can be expensive. But only if you view it from a financial perspective. Focus on the long term benefits and you will soon realise the ‘return on your investment’ far outweighs the initial 'cost'.

The​ good news is that we can have you up and running for as little as £58 per month for my online coaching programme. That is less than 1 coffee a day from Costa or Starbucks.

I also offer 3 in person training packages depending on your goals and level of commitment. My most popular programmes are priced at £499 a month for 2 sessions a week, and £799 a month for 3 sessions a week. If you want 5 star treatment my VIP programme is £1,149 a month. You get 4 sessions a week, a monthly massage voucher, priority email, and 1 to 1 coaching calls.

All of my programmes are designed to help you lose body fat, add lean muscle, and improve your long term health and fitness. As an added bonus you will boost your energy levels, get better quality sleep, and gain a newfound confidence that will carry over to all aspects of your life. You will look good, and feel even better!

If you are still not convinced I will even let you try it out my programme's for free. If you are not happy ​with your progress after 1 week you can have your money back. No questions asked. I just request that you complete all the workout sessions and stick to the nutrition guidelines that are outlined in your programme.

You only get one body so please take care of it. Invest it in now and you’ll be asking yourself not ‘Is it worth it?’ but ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’

What My Client's Say

I met John over a coffee and had a chat for the best part of an hour. What struck me was that he was really listening to me. In my experience, a lot of PT’s listen to what they want to hear, and not what’s actually being said. John developed a programme that was specific to my needs, and he told me from the start that I was going to have to be patient in getting over my injuries. I appreciated his honesty and decided to trust in him.

There are so many benefits to working with John, but the one thing I appreciate the most is he’s there for you all the time. It’s not just the hour in the gym. We text each other and he checks I’m on track. John, I'd be lost without you.

Sean Davis

John is a great trainer who actually cares about your results. He listened to my concerns and questions and came up with a programme that fits perfectly around my schedule. He made a couple of tweaks to my diet but I still get to eat the foods I love. And I actually enjoy the training. This is the best I’ve felt in years.

Scott Tunnell

John Ferry is a very capable personal trainer. As an outcome of my collaboration with him, I can definitely recommend him for anyone who is interested in working with a fitness coach in order to gain muscular development & definition, strength, to lose weight and generally speaking, to have an ongoing healthy life.

For my profession as an actor it is very important to keep fit and John has helped me very much to have an effective gym training at a relatively short period of time.

Kostas Katsikis

Get Back On Track Today

If you're a busy guy who wants to lose weight, add muscle, and have more confidence without spending hours in the gym then let me help you take the first step.