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15 Ways To Get Lean Without Boring Cardio

get lean

15 Ways To Get Lean Without Cardio While cardio does have its place many of us hate the sight of a treadmill or stationary bike. Below are 15 alternative methods to reduce your waistline and help you get lean. 1. Take Up A Sport – Ditch the treadmill and try something different – football, tennis, […]

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Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

Intermittent Fasting Clock

The 2 Minute Guide To Intermittent Fasting Intermittent Fasting (IF) is all the rage these days. You’ve probably heard of it or may even be experimenting with it already. It’s growing in popularity with many claiming short fasts can accelerate fat loss and make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. So… Should you be […]

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The Index Card Guide To Getting Lean


All You Need To Help Get Lean On One Index CardThe fitness industry is a minefield of misinformation and it can be hard not to feel confused or overwhelmed at times.  Which diet is optimal? High Carb, Low Fat or High Fat, Low Carb. Is Paleo superior to Vegan? What on earth is a Ketogenic diet? What […]

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5 Myths You Need To Know About Getting Lean

There are a number of myths that you will read or hear about within the world of fitness. This article highlights five misconceptions about getting lean that just need to go away.1. You Should Never Skip MealsThere is no truth in the idea that eating frequently speeds up your metabolism. For some it will help control their […]

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How To Stay Lean On Holiday

For most of us going on holiday is a time to forget about the gym, kick back, and go to town on the all inclusive food and drink! But if you are one of those people who gets concerned about putting on a few kilos, or are stressed about reversing the hard work you put during […]

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Can I Drink Alcohol And Stay In Shape?

Alcohol And Stay In Shape

​How To Enjoy Alcohol While Trying To Keep In Shape We all enjoy a drink every now and again but the words alcohol and healthy lifestyle are rarely found in the same sentence. Most of us know that our performance in the gym, or lack of it, is directly correlated to our alcohol intake the previous […]

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My Top 3 Tips To Help You Get Started

These 3 Principles Will Hep Kick-Start Your Fitness Regime Getting the results you want in the gym isn’t always easy. Anyone stuck in the endless cycle of starting over with new diets and exercise routines that never deliver results will know this. You go round in circles and can’t see a way out. You may even convince […]

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Spring Back Into Your Fitness Regime

British Summer Time, March 26th, is just around the corner so many of you may look at this time of year to come out of hibernation and kick-start your fitness regime again.The winter can have a negative effect on our exercise schedules. The cold dark nights and mornings put a downer on our energy levels and […]

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Sleep Like A Baby

7 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep I have struggled to sleep well for most of my life. Until recently I averaged around 3 or 4 hours a night, 5 if I were lucky. I know how frustrating it is for those of you who spend hours on end tossing and turning, checking the time, […]

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How To Build Lasting Habits

How To Identify Habits And Form New BehavioursAround 40-45% of the actions we take throughout the day are habits. The way we eat, the way we dress, how we sit, our journey to work. Forming habits is our brain’s way of putting our daily routines into auto-pilot so it doesn’t have to concentrate so hard. Once […]

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