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My Mission Is To Help Real People With Everday Stresses & Struggles To Look & Feel Incredible While Balancing Work & Family Commitments

Are You Sick Of Diets that Leave You Hungry & Irritable?

 My programmes are designed to ensure you eat as many calories as possible while still losing weight. A nutrition plan that doesn't ask you give up your favourite foods. You won't have to spend money on fancy ingredients, count calories, or make separate dishes to the rest of your family. You'll enjoy real, tasty food for every meal.

Does Your Exercise Regime Leave You Exhausted Rather Than Energised?

I wil show you how to train smarter not harder. Your exercise programme will be designed to get you the best results possible with minimum gym time and no long, boring cardio. You'll feel energised and refreshed after your session. The workouts are highly effective but efficient leaving you more free time to spend with your children, partner, and friends.

Not Getting The Results You Want & Fed Up With Starting Over all The Time?

My experience, support, and accountabilty will ensure your success. I believe everyone can have the body they want provided they are willing to put a little work in. I will provide all the tools, know-how, and motivation you need to get the body you desire. And you'll learn how to maintain those the results without my help. My ideal outcome is to empower you enough so you can eventually go it alone.

I'm An Ex-Banker Turned Fitness Coach Who Knows How To Transform You Into A Superhero Parent Full Of Confidence & Energy 

Before becoming a PT and online coach I spent 16 years in the banking industry. I know how the demands of modern life can affect your health, fitness, and family.

The longs hours, boozy lunches, eating on the go, stressful commutes, & midweek nights out can all take their toll.

After a few years of my desk job I piled on the pounds, stopped working out, and became lethargic, lazy and irritable. As my weight changed so did my mood and outlook on life.

At one point I weighed 93kg. For someone who is only 5’7 the physical change was striking. It was a depressing time for me and I knew I had to make a change.

After years of trial and error and the never ending cycle of 
‘the diet starts on Monday’' I have formulated a training & nutrition programme that can be used in the real world. A way for you to stay in shape without the occassional blow out or night on the town ruining your progress.

Don't Just Take My Word For It


I started training with John to lose stubborn weight around my middle and tone up.

Being a bit of a binge exerciser in the past I found John's calm and controlled approach to training worked for me.

Through various body weight exercises and circuit training my overall strength & fitness has improved and I've completed exercises I would never have tried on my own in the gym. Thanks John!

Helen James, 38


As 50% of a married couple with a young family I find that dieting as a individual just isn’t sustainable. John Ferry Fitness gave us the tools to pull in the same direction despite a very busy family and work life. The proof was in the Christmas pudding as over 8 weeks we managed to lose over 2 stone in weight. We absolutely loved the food plan which has changed the way we cook. Calorie counting has been replaced with understanding food and planning properly which means the odd blow out doesn’t spiral into disaster.

Gerald O'Sullivan, 41


After reaching middle age, and not going to the gym for a while, I had started putting on the pounds.

I contacted John who set out a plan taking into account my nutrition needs and restricted time.

John is very knowledgeable which gave me the confidence to work with him.

He is very approachable, and takes care and pride in what he is giving advice on, and REALLY does care about his clients reaching their goals, with the good and motivational feedback, given even after the sessions. With the plan about 8 weeks in, I am starting to see and feel the benefits of the plan, and look forward to more of the same. A pleasure to work with, Many thanks

Steve Maskell, 40


I met John over a coffee and had a chat for the best part of an hour. What struck me was that he was really listening to me. In my experience, a lot of PT’s listen to what they want to hear, and not what’s actually being said.

John developed a programme that was specific to my needs, and he told me from the start that I was going to have to be patient in getting over my injuries. I appreciated his honesty and decided to trust in him.

There are so many benefits to working with John, but the one thing I appreciate the most is he’s there for you all the time. It’s not just the hour in the gym. We text each other and he checks I’m on track.

John, I'd be lost without you.

Sean Davis, 41

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